How To Stop Promotional SMS’s From Warid ?

A long time ago i changed my network to Warid because at that time Warid did not send packages promotions SMS. But after 2 year now Warid has been sending many package promotions SMSĀ  for last four months. Warid sends 3 to 8 SMS daily I feel very uncomfortable because i don’t want to look again and again to check who is sending messages to me.


In above picture you can see how many Warid sends SMS to me.

But what is the solution , How i can stop these messages ?

This solution is easy and not easy because you need to call at 321 Warid customer services center and request to block these package promotions SMS and these service takes 30 hours to take effect.
Please keep remember call at 321 is not free. The service charges may apply.

A question come into my mind why Warid have not SMS command to block / stop these SMS. Warid should have these function to improve their quality services


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