Does QMobile copy from others?

Many times I have read this QMobile always copies mobile from other, on QMobile official facebook fan page also on our website. I said that ,I would clear these thing that’s why I researched on it.  Recently, QMobile has launched the T.V. ads of QMobile Noir Quatro Z4 and Z4 Mini, Bollywood famous heroin Kareen Kapoor was cast for this T.V ad which was made in America. Recently QMobile used default wallpaper of Sony Xperia Z for QMobile Noir Z4. QMobile Z4 specification is also similar to Gionee Elife E6.

QMobile use Sony Xperia Default wallpaper for QMobile Noir Z4

It does not suite to QMobile, they spend billion rupees on their ads but they do not make own wallpaper as well as own UI instested of default Android UI Style. They say their brand is “Pakistan Number One Smartphone Selling Brand“. Moreover they have also used UI of Sony Xperia in their QMobile Noir V5

QMobile copies UI of Sony Xperia Series for QMobile Noir V5

An other thing is that they made their site like Micromax website, it seems like that they just copied and pasted all the style on QMobile website. I think QMobile do not pay attention what people say about QMobile on the world of internet they just want to earn but QMobile should take these thing seriously.

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