A new Ufone Hisaab Do SMS Service

Many Pakistani people complain that Ufone always charges the their account balance without providing any type of information while you are sleeping, that is the great problem for Ufone customer. In the response, Ufone has launched a new service named ” Hisaab Do ” for prepaid customers, this service is also against Telenor  T.V. Ad . This service tells you the usage of your account balance . You can get all the detail of account balanced through a SMS which you have spent through your Ufone SIM.

UFone Hisaab Do SMS Service

How to activate this service?

This alerts are activated on your SIM

How to deactivate this Ufone Hisaab SMS alerts?

Dail 333 from your Ufone to deactivate this service.

* Terms and conditions are apply

6 thoughts on “A new Ufone Hisaab Do SMS Service”

  1. pora din sinal band thay aur 1 call tak nai ki gai ,
    aur sms aia k “you have used Rs 3.59/= on 14 jan.

    kia lot macha k rakhi ha ufone na…….

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