Tips to Increase QMobile Battery Timing

I have received many message from QMobile users , they said that they are fed up from the less battery timing of QMobile Android Smartphone. So i wrote some tips to increase QMobile Noir battery timing.qmobile,android,battery,timing,low,inrease,boost

Turn off Wi-Fi

Do not turn Wi-Fi on when your are not using Wi-Fi because Wi-Fi consumes alot of battery.

Turn off Bluetooth after sharing files

Some time you share files with your friends and you forget to turn off Bluetooth it also consumes battery

Adjust your screen brightness

By default the screen brightness of QMobile is above than normal you can adjust your screen brightness level to standard or low.

Disable Global Pointing System (GPS)

GPS also uses battery when GPS is enable it search for you location , turn it off when your are not using GPS

Do not charge battery again and again

Only  charger battery when battery status is 20% or less. By doing this it will also increase your battery life as well as your battery timing

Use Airplane mode

When your are traveling in that place where network signals are not available then turn on Airplane mode. To turn on Airplane mode hold power button for 2 seconds you will see Airplane mode option , tap to activate Airplane mode.

Properly close apps

There are many peoples hide application by pressing home button with this its hide apps button it still running in the background , so always close apps with exit option or with back button but never with home button.

Use 2G network

As you know 3G network service is not available in Pakistan but in some QMobile Noir phones have 3G network support and 3G service enabled by default. But there is not benefit to enable to 3G service you can turn it off by going to Settings > Mobile  Networks >  Network Mode > select GSM only

Use third party battery saver / booster Apps

There are alot of battery saver / battery booster application available at Play Store. You can also  install these application to increase battery timing of your QMobile Android Smartphone.

Note: You can also apply these tricks with any Android , Windows Phones , iPhone to increase battery timing

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  1. i habve sky wega mobile phone but its battry timing is very low ,just few hours after useing network like face book,apps,mail account etc its consumed so i request u plz give me some hints to save my mobile batrey thnx ….

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