How to prevent your phone from overheating

Using too much a smart phone can become headache for you, I know you have experienced this issue  like other people have it,  I receive a lot of question on this issue  — battery draining, heating up and slow performance, this is only caused of extra usage of your phones. There are some tips by using you can save your phone, money and time. These tips are not fairytale, these are based on my personal experience and I have saved my phone by using these simple tips


  •     Do not play games every time,  Continuously playing game can overheat your phone and remember this is your phone not a playstation.
  •     Moderate your online browsing sessions, do not keep browsing every time over a Wi-Fi / Data connection.
  • There will be many useless applications and features which you even not used a single time, so remove them.
  • If your phone battery became old then replace it with a new one because when phone overheats it consumes more battery.
  • Do not use your mobile too much while it’s on charging.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you are not using.
  • Adjust screen brightness to low level or turn on auto screen brightness adjustment.
  • During travelling when there is no signal zone then turn on Airplane mode to save battery in this case mobile phones will not search for any type of signal.
  • Turn on 2G mode if you do not need of 3G/4G, these latest technologies use more battery for better performance
  • Use third party battery saving applications for the best performance if have no time to apply  these tips.

You can apply these tips to any smartphone  of any brand.




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